Sunday Writing Prompt – 31st January – Discovering the Past.

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

Image: Szymon Baranowski – Google Images

This week write about a Discovery of the Past. It could be a search for your family’s past. The discovery of something new and surprising.

Go where the prompt leads you, have fun.


Who are you?

Where did you come from?

Who are you related to, what is your race?

I have some of the answers but not all

And to be honest, I never had the curiosity

To find out all about my origin or my roots

Maybe there is something lacking in my way of thinking

That I feel what I made of myself is more important

Then where I began or from what I originated

Some people put a lot of importance on knowing the history

For others, it’s the future that holds more fascination

I feel my now, the present I am living in

Is much more relevant than discovering the past!




13 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – 31st January – Discovering the Past.

  1. My Dad did a lot of genealogy work and found out some interesting things way back in the family, but it is nothing that will change my life. I agree that the here and now is where we need to focus.

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