Rory Asks; So if no one read your blog……

Would you still write “you” or change your style?

Rory was asked this question the other day … “If no one ever read your blog would you still write, keep and maintain the blog or would you change the way you write so as to keep your blog and be read?

So would you?

Would you change your style to be read more often or would you simply take more steps to encourage readers to read your actual style and build up your own like-minded community – or would it not bother you in the slightest?


What if no one read my blog, what would I do?

Change the way I write?

Would I encourage others to visit my blog?

Would I create a community of like-minded bloggers?

Oh, wait!

I’ve done all that and am still doing it 2 years later.

One thing I didn’t do was to change my blogging style. I did add to it though. I was lucky the people like Teresa and Kristian roped me in their storytelling prompts and gave my writing a new direction.

The reason I blog is that I love doing it. It is my way of dealing with all the spare time I have at my hands. It’s also a wonderful way to make friends all over the world and stay in touch with them. Blogging makes me happy and I feel that I am being productive.

So my answer would be;

I still will blog and try to engage people because I love the camaraderie that exists in our part of the blogosphere.

Thank you Rory for another set of thought-provoking questions.



28 thoughts on “Rory Asks; So if no one read your blog……

  1. Although it is our human nature to get likes and comments, for me I write as a service to God, to help people believe in Him and His One Church the Traditional Catholic way, not your mainstream apostate Vatican II religion foretold in Thessalonians, the revolt of His Church prior to His Second Coming. I have a little prayer I say prior to my writing, “Lady dressed in blue teach me to write well what it is you want me to tell.” Next, I leave it up to her to bring the readers she wants to read.

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  2. Sure, I could have a lot more readers, if I stuck to one subject, but I try to put it into perspective. With 8 billion people in the world, if only 0.0001% read my posts, that would be 800,000 people. Unless you’re a very famous person, you’d be doing good to get 100,000 readers.

    No matter how bad a person’s blog might be, people can amass at least 1000 readers. All it takes is persistent blogging and like minds will find their way to your virtual doorstep. 😊

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    1. You’re spot on with your figures. Like minded people do find your blog and it’s fun sharing thoughts with them. As for the rest of the world, there are billions of bogs more to choose from. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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  3. I am not concerned about followers and I won’t change my writing style. However, I have changed the appearance of my blog many times, mainly because I like to be creative. And I like to change my format to keep it entertaining. But, my writing and my poetry reflect my personality so it is what it is.

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    1. And that is how it should be. I have changed as I have learned how to blog. But I’ve adopted a style that works for me as well as my readers, that is shorter posts. And I think many bloggers have done that too. Nowadays, people don’t have the patience or time to read long posts.

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  4. That is a good question. I have not really changed my style but I have more prompt writing than I did in the beginning. It was more of a journal for me and an outlet for my emotions. I still vent my emotions, but more often then not in a more constructive way. Does that make sense? Good answer Sadie!

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  5. This really inspired me to stick with what I am doing. I have only been writing for 3 to 4 weeks and I know that is a short time but I, for some reason, expected quick results and so I thought about stopping it altogether. Thank you for this. And I am still going to do this for me and to help others that feel the same way

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