Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt and Tuesday Writing Prompt

Glen is the host of LTPP

Your challenge or writing prompt is this:

  • what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to tell me and others exactly what the picture is.

The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in you; what emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in you and to share it that with others.

Our Week 33 picture is again, pretty much what it shows. An old wooden gate found along the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley area of Ontario.


Gates open to the pasture beyond

I could escape if I did so wanted

I stand indecisive, irresolute by it

My mind is under the stress of a

Blizzard of thoughts, of what was

What could have been and what is

Possibilities and chances lost to time

I would’ve escaped my past if I could

But it rides on the shoulders of my conscience

I cannot escape until I lay down this burden


Tuesday Writing Prompt;

Prompt: Use “blizzard of thoughts” in a piece of poetry




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