JusJoJan January 28 2021 – Storm

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If I am safely sheltered in a dry secure place, I love storms. The rain and thunderstorms, that is. Not the ones at sea.

Sitting by the window and looking outside at the pitter-patter of the rain, the fragrance of earth slowly soaking the water (petrichor), and the forks of lightning the sky in a spectacular way, it’s a visual and sensual treat.

I’ve never been on the sea in a storm, but what I’ve seen in the movies or tv, it sure is a scary experience. The mere dimensions of them make me glad that I never faced any.

Then there are the storms in teacups. Many people I know are fond of creating these sorts of storms. Any little issue or problem is blown up beyond recognition into a massive thing. I’m glad I am not one of those people. It gets so exhausting to deal with them.





23 thoughts on “JusJoJan January 28 2021 – Storm

  1. Storm in a teacup is one I hadn’t heard of before. I know a few people who often bring that kind of a storm. As for thunderstorm… as long as there isn’t a tornado I enjoy the lighting show. And nothing beats the smell of rain.

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