42 Words- Sports

Deb Whitman is the host of 42 Words


Wow, what an immense topic, its bigger than the olympic stadium, its bigger than the one that got away, it’s bigger than armchair wrestling at the local nursing home.

You can go anywhere you like with this one, playing a sport, watching a sport, inventing a sport, being a good sport, sporting a new beard, sports cars,  crocheting your team’s sports beanies, or even your local sports day.  You can catch the ball, toss down the bails and score the home run but remember there is a very specific limit here … 42 words and then your time is up.


I loved playing cricket. One day, I badly twisted and broke a meniscus in my right knee. It needed a couple of surgeries to fix. Now, I watch cricket at home, in front of a tv. No more playing on the field.

42 Words




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