Weekend Quick Questions – Game

Rory is the host of Weekend Quickie

Are you more of a sarcastic or pleasant personality or alternatively a mixture of the two pending your mood of the day?

I’m mostly pleasant with people. Only when I am irritated at the stupidity of some people, I get sarcastic.

We live in a world of data, knowledge and information – but do we always have the right sort available at the right time?

Not always and not reliable every time even. But if you’re intelligent enough, you can usually get the right information after looking around. But always be sure to look at the source of the info and double-check it.

What are three of your favourite ‘go to’ websites [not blogs] for information or relaxation?

I Google ten times a day, from how to spell a word to getting info about something.

YouTube for music search. For listening to music, I use the YouTube music app. It is a wonderful place to find all sorts of music, many languages.

Unsplash for images. I also use Pixabay.

How lucky are you?

Very, thank God. I can appreciate the blessings I have been given.

What’s the best advice you have ever received from a friend?

I always remember my late father in law’s words;

Do your best and don’t worry about the results, the results are not in our control “. He advised me to be “CCL” meaning, Couldn’t Care Less about what others thought about me. I took his advice to overcome my extra sensitive nature.

You have five minutes to pack a bag with the absolute essentials to be away for a long weekend in an unknown location … what do you pack and why?

My phone and credit card. And of course my tons of medicines. The rest I can buy and if I have money.




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