Sunday Writing Prompt – Driving – 24th January

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write about driving.

It could be to drive somewhere, – the shops, church, on holiday the movies; learning to drive, driving your kids places, having kids they might at times drive you up the wall.

Go have fun with the prompt 


Learning to drive was a long process for me. It started when I was 16 but stopped as I was too nervous to drive. Then I learned when I was a young mother and had to do the school run.

It took me a long time to get comfortable driving. For one thing, we usually had a driver which was a perk of my husband’s job. Secondly, I used to get stressed out while driving, and thirdly, driving in Lahore is no walk in the park.

Just to give you an idea, sometimes the traffic here looks like this;

Well, I eventually got used to driving and now I can drive from point A to point B. But it still isn’t my favorite activity.

Though there is one thing I love about driving, listening to my favorite tracks while driving.




22 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – Driving – 24th January

  1. I totally understand driving isn’t your favorite thing. I can’t see the picture (I’m blind), but I imagine traffic in Lahore is worse than in Rome, and it was horrible there. I thankfully never had to take driver’s ed due to being legally blind all my life. I bet though that with my being autistic, I wouldn’t be able to drive if I weren’t blind.

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    1. Thanks Astrid. The traffic has gotten better with the reconstruction of wider roads and stricter enforcement of rules. But still a mess at rush hours. If someone is willing to drive you then sit back and enjoy.

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  2. I prefer to be in the driver’s seat since most people scare me with the way they drive. Teaching Younger Daughter to drive took ten years off my life, I swear.
    I like driving when there’s no traffic, but can’t drive long distances without pain.

    That picture doesn’t look too different from SoCal freeways😂😂

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