JusJoJan January 25- Specs

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

“You need specs the optometrist told me kindly. “I knew it I said, but people didn’t listen to me!” I was validated at last. All the blurred images and muddled words now made perfect sense.

I tried on different pairs and finally chose a cat-eyes shaped one. I thought it was trendy and cool. But other sixth graders thought it was hilarious. They called me different names, four eyes being one of them. But I liked my specs. I seldom broke a pair during my school life and was happy wearing them while I was awake.

By the time I was in college and close to turning 18, I heard about contact lenses. Now I wanted those desperately. I lost interest in my specs and began to pester my father to get me contact lenses. Finally when I started med-school, I got my wish.

Nowadays, I wear just my glasses for reading only. I got cataract surgery a few years back and now my vision is almost 20/20. It felt so strange not to wear specs first thing in the morning. Sometimes out of long ingrained habit, I still reach for my non-existent specs on waking up!




28 thoughts on “JusJoJan January 25- Specs

  1. I’ve worn glasses since 4th grade, full-time since 5th (because I kept forgetting them at home in 4th grade). Never had the desire to wear contacts. Bifocals (progressive lenses without the line) since I turned 40…

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      1. Both my parents wore glasses, as did many in my family, so I figured I’d need them anyway. Strangely, one of my brothers had 20/15 vision and only started wearing glasses after a stroke in one eye (apparently it happens).

        I adapted to the progressive lenses pretty quickly, though I almost killed myself the first time I tried going down stairs…

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        1. Neither of mine did wear glasses, that’s why it was unexpected. And to date, only my younger brother needs glasses, the other two brothers don’t. But both my daughters had weak eyesight. I had a similar experience with progressive glasses and that was it!

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  2. I was teased so much for another reason that no one thought to tease me about my glasses. Children love to find something to pick at and they will pick, pick, pick. Nowadays they can pick at their peers on social media as well.
    After all these years I’d really miss my glasses, especially because they protect my eyes. Sometimes I have to take them off when I’m outside and my eyes feel very vulnerable.

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  3. I also had to convince my mother to have my eyes tested. I got glasses in 6th grade, and “WOW! That’s what things look like?” I wore contact lenses for years, then I lost my insurance… blah, blah, blah… I got contacts again several years ago, but had to buy reading glasses.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Now I just take my glasses off if I’m reading or doing up close work. I only need them for anything beyond about 6 inches😂😂😂

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