JusJoJan January 24- Trigger

Linda is the host JusJoJan

Circumstances trigger fear and depression

Broken dreams or abandoned hopes all contribute

Giving in seems easy and the natural thing to do

But resisting the pull of dark waters need resolution

Just stand under the cool arch of the majestic sky

And just look up to see how vast is this universe

We are so insignificant here but we all have a role

Like tiny cogs in a huge machine, we all do our job

Let not this wormhole swallow you alive

Listen to the appealing song of life and hold tight





23 thoughts on “JusJoJan January 24- Trigger

      1. You too! 😀 2021’s going well so far, considering everything going on! Still putting up weekly stories & learned a lot trying self-publishing my collection. Much more confident about future publishing now 🦊

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