JusJoJan January 22 2021 – Limp

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

She could barely walk.

The limp was more pronounced when the pain was severe. Doctor had advised her to get her knee replaced but she was afraid of the pain she’d have to endure. Many friends told her to go ahead but she had read a few stories on the social media about things going wrong and the patient not being able to walk at all.

I met her by chance. During our conversation, I told her about my own experience with bilateral knee replacements. How it had totally changed my life and lifestyle. She asked probing questions about everything related to the procedure.

When I met her the next time, the limp was gone and she thanked me with a beaming smile.

“You gave me the confidence to go ahead with the decision and now I can walk, even dance she said. The surgery was successful and now I can be myself”






14 thoughts on “JusJoJan January 22 2021 – Limp

  1. My father-in-law had a knee replaced, but he was not a patient man and I think the reason he had some troubles was he pushed his limits and stopped therapy too soon. But my Dad had both hips replaced with positive results.

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  2. Had a successful replacement many years ago and now face another in March – it had been delayed due to COVID. I turn towards it with a positive stance and look forward to walking with my fella once again!

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