Rory the curious blogger, Asks

Rory is curious ….

What figures or statistics are more important to you and your blog and your overall blogging experience as personal bloggers? 

I think the most important stats to me are the number of comments. This is where the true interaction of a blogger lies. I’ve seen blogs with up to a hundred likes and a few comments. Leaving a comment means the reader has engaged with what we wrote.

Likes are welcome too, but anyone can like without reading.

As far as followers are concerned, they are a number, which can be important in a roundabout way. A blog that has a lot of followers, gives the impression of being a popular blog and more people are attracted to it.

Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t mind having 10,000 followers!

Also, we have many bloggers here that are published authors and they too use their WordPress blog and other platforms to motivate and encourage current and new readership alike, viewings, sales, and inspiration … are your statistics important to you – how so, which and why?

I know many successful authors here on WP also promote their writings through their blogs. I think it is a part of marketing strategy and it’s just like linking the blog with social media platforms. To increase viewership and sales. I think it’s a good strategy.

If I ever become a published author, I’d do that too. 😆




14 thoughts on “Rory the curious blogger, Asks

  1. I agree with your reason for liking actual comments and feedback. As a fairly new bloggers, comments give me an idea if my ideas are relevant or not; do I contribute to the solution or not.

    As a rookie author as well, I just started offering my first E-book for free download on my site. With the “bug” still running around, conventional ways of getting my writing out are too slow and costly.

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  2. Engagement is everything! This past year, with everything that’s been happening, the WP family has been so important to me. Lots of followers is good too, but it’s hard to give them all the attention they deserve. I’ll admit to trying to reach out to readers hoping to sell a book or two, but I’m trying to do it in an engaging way, and not just say BUY MY BOOK! 😉

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