Friday Fun- Offsprings

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

most species have children/offspring
so please get creative with photos or writing
and share something about ‘offspring’

It could be your offspring or others …


I have three offsprings, one son and two daughters. It is superfluous for any parent to say that they love their children. It a natural instinct and something has to be very wrong if a parent doesn’t love their children.

So we have established that I love my children/offsprings. But one interesting thing that you realize when you become a grandparent, you love the offsprings of your offsprings even more!

A very good friend and a wonderful blogger, Lauren wrote about the joy of becoming a grandparent and the endless love that comes with it. I realized this fact when I became a grandma when my eldest grandson was born more than 10 years ago. It was a wonderful feeling. The love just grew and now I have three grandchildren and my love for them is way more than for my own children.

( Not mine)



26 thoughts on “Friday Fun- Offsprings

  1. I actually wasn’t thrilled when Ben was born. I guess I was an “odd duck”. I love him dearly now of course, and grew to love him when he was a baby, but I didn’t experience that instant love that I felt with my own offspring.🤷🏼‍♀️
    Interesting 🤔

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  2. a few have posted on the joys of becoming grandparents … my own father said if he knew it was so good he would have skipped the first part 🙂

    All care and no responsibility … or not at the same degree as being the parent + you’ve had plenty of practice 🙂

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    1. You’re so right! But I think we didn’t enjoy the parenting part because of the age too. At the age one becomes a grandparent, one has learned a trick or two about managing children! 😍🥰

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  3. My offspring all live in CA which means we don’t see them much, living in TX as we do. In fact, I’ve missed a lot of my grandkids growing up years, having to follow them from afar. My work has led me all across the country which isn’t conducive to being close. This is one area I would like a do-over. My oldest has her masters from Columbia; the youngest of 7 is a 16 yr old junior in high school.

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    1. Wow! They are doing well. With the world so much spread about and yet connected, we can stay in touch from afar too. I am lucky that all my kids live in the same city and I get to see my grandchildren often. The eldest is almost 11, as he likes to tell me. The younger two are both 21 months.


  4. I will only ever have the two I’ve got now. I cared for them when they were younger while their folks worked. Now I’m retired, and they are in school full time. I can get out of the disciplinarian mode and spoil them if and when I can!!


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      1. I always have the food they like – in case they come over for a meal. I have tons of books I know they like and I still have toys they only get to play with when they are here. 😀

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