Blogging Insights- Reading prompt posts

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Do you like reading posts written for prompts? If so, what kind? 

As more than half of my blog posts are written in response to different prompts, I really love prompt posts. Mostly the prompt posts have just the prompt. Some bloggers give a background to the prompt or maybe tell us where the photo was taken.

I like reading and responding to both the visual and written prompts. Sometimes the prompt post pose a question or a situation and we have to work with it.

When you publish a piece in answer to a prompt, do you read entries by other bloggers? If so, do you read them before or after you have written your own?

I run two prompts, one is an image prompt and the other is a query. I read all the responses which are posted in answer to both the prompts.

When I respond to a prompt, either an image or a word, I like to do my writing before I read any of the responses others have written. This lets me use my thoughts and interpretation for writing my post. Later on, I would read the responses by other writers.

Sometimes more than a few writers come up with similar ideas for their posts in response to the prompt, that’s why I prefer to write mine before I read any responses.

Thank you, Tanya for these interesting questions.



24 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Reading prompt posts

  1. I don’t participate a whole lot in the prompts here on WP, but I do enjoy doing some of the ones on IG, and some of those results end up shared here if I like them well enough (like today’s post). When I do use a prompt, I write my entry before reading anyone else’s. I don’t want to be influenced by anyone else, or be discouraged by the brilliance of others too early lol. After I write my entry, then I check out some of the other entries and try to support a few that I like the best. I feel like prompts can create a lot of uninspired, lackluster writing, but they can also create some gems and pieces you would never otherwise think to write. Either way, it is good practice!

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