Reena’s Exploration Challenge- 167

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome to much-awaited 2021! Wish you all a very Happy New Year, brimming with creativity and more freedom than you had in the year that passed away!

+1 is always good. 2020+1 seems better. I hope we are able to say Thank You, 2021 — You were the best.

Well, we go ahead with the Exploration Challenge, as usual, finding a way to connect with your brilliance every week. I’ve just changed the cover pic, just for that feel of something new.


I woke up in 2021 ….

Take it ahead in any manner you like – fiction, fantasy, poetry, essay, reflections or art.


I woke up in 2021…….

And was totally disoriented

Loud bangs and fireworks were going on in the streets

Throngs of people celebrating the new year with joy and excitement

What was going on, and why people were intermingling without fear

I couldn’t see and masks around or social distancing

Is this the same world where I went to sleep in 2020?

Or have I woken up in an alternate reality

Was this a wishful dream or will I wake up to a nightmare

What will it be?



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