JusJoJan January 8 2021- Twisted

Linda is the host of JusJoJan


“Haha, I love your twisted sense of humor”, Carla said laughingly. In her heart, she cursed that sick sense of humor her husband was so proud of. Why would he make these jokes at the expense of their family or friends and think it was funny. It wasn’t just him, their teenage son Josh was also developing the same streak. Very often, she and her daughter Amy would exchange rueful glances when both the father and son were making fun of some unfortunate soul.

Then karma struck a beautiful blow! Jim, her husband, was given a promotion and was transferred to another department in the same office. His boss was notorious for ragging and making fun of others. Spending 8 – 10 hours in his company made Jim realize that the way he uses friends as his target for jokes was really bad because now he was the butt of most of his boss’s jokes!



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