Weekend Quickie Questions -Game 5

Rory is the host of Weekend Quickie

What’s your stance on statues and where would you stand if you were one?

I don’t mind statues, as long as they are not in my way. If I were one, I’d definitely want to be tucked in a nice cozy alcove.

Are you a New Year’s resolution type of person and if so have you made any for 2021 and if not, do you set yourself yearly or monthly targets instead?

I used to be one but repeated failure has cured me of this habit. I now lay down general guidelines for myself and try to follow them. Like I’ll restart my healthy eating from Monday! 😜

If you were a new singer or a band of singers what would your name be and what would be the inspiration?

(Inspired by Ian Kay of Moon Is Rising)

I would call my band “Totally Irresistible” for obvious reasons.

What’s the most random question you have ever been asked and you successfully answered?

Usually, I am the one asking random questions, because I speak whenever an idea hits my brain, irrespective of what the conversation is. But let’s see……

Someone asked me if I agreed with their point of view, when I was just passing by. I said yes, totally! 😂😂😂

Would you rather be a Unicorn or a Sasquatch and why would you prefer to the one you have chosen over the other one you have not — what’s your reasoning?

I would prefer to be a unicorn 🦄 because at least I can spell it. And people would love me instead of being afraid of me if I were a Sasquatch!

So …. if there is no ONE particular way to do anything – what is the ONE particular way you would choose to do anything ……………….. asking for a friend!

I would do it exactly the way it should be done….. my way!



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