Blogging Insights- My blog in 2021

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How do you see your blog in 2021? What are your hopes and aspirations for your blog this year?

Right now, I am in a relaxed frame of mind. So I’ll let my blog roll along at its own pace.

I have written almost 4600 posts in last 28 months. I have reduced the number of daily posts from 4-5 to three per day. I think it is more manageable for me and does not put a lot of strain on my readers. My daily posts are published at 2-hour intervals, from 7:00 pm my (+ 5 GMT) time to 11:00 pm. This gives me a lot of time to write and pre-schedule my posts.

Although I can write more posts per day, I prefer that people read them too so I have reduced the number of times I post. I follow a lot of weekly prompts and sometimes I have to pass over a few of them as I am already at my daily limit. I have also stopped doing the daily prompts for this reason.

I am hoping that my blog would reach 3000 followers this year. Though it is just a random number and the number of people who really read my posts is around a hundred, it does feel like an accomplishment to gain these many followers.

This January, I have joined in JusJoJan for the third time. I find it so much fun. As for the rest, let’s go with the flow.

Thank you Dr.Tanya for these interesting questions every week.



28 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- My blog in 2021

  1. Best of luck reaching your goal. I like so many prompts, but don’t want to have too many posts. I have begun to answer more right in the comments as a way to keep up. My blogging time varies but the inspiration is always there waiting to be taken.

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  2. Wonderful and attainable goals I think you’ve set for yourself! Yes, let the blog roll on, as Fandango said today “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Me? Some days the muse is there, sometimes she’s not. When she is ‘in house’ I take full advantage and that means perhaps a lot more blogs I write. I hope folks read them, but if not, it’s okay. I’m kinda doing it for myself in most part. Have a great day Sadje. I finally figured out why I never seem to see your “What Do You See” post every Monday. I log off around noon (Mountain Standard Time), for the sake of keeping my insomnia in check at night. Too much computer means little sleep. I was bothered that I wasn’t getting the notification, but after reading that you post that challenge at noon Pacific Standard Time (one p.m. MST), I finally realized why. I’ll look for it in future. Thanks! ☺

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    1. Thank you Melanie for your kind words of support. I always enjoy your posts and stories. Take full advantage of the muse and write on! Thanks for supporting the prompt too.


  3. your output and commitment are impressive Sadje … I deleted masses of followers to stay under 3,000. Sadly most seldom read or communicate so when I realise it’s a business or bot follower xxx!

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