JusJoJan- January 3 2021- Servant

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Your servant ma’am!

Jefferson bowed politely before stepping back and letting Jane pass. She was overwhelmed by the attention and courtesy shown to her at her uncle’s home. Jefferson was a young associate of his late uncle and was being very attentive.

Today her uncle’s will was to be read. A few relatives that she had, had been informed of this event. They all were gathered here.

As the lawyer finished reading the will, Jane sat there as if turned to stone. She was an heiress! She couldn’t believe it.

Now the excessive attention of Jefferson started to make sense. He must have an ax to grind. All the family was fawning over her too. Jane made a decision, she would get her mom to come as stay with her. At least, she could be trusted.



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