A Happy New Year Everyone!

So last year I wished all of you a happy new year with the hopes that it would be great for us all!

Unfortunately, fate had other things planned. But some good things happened this year too.

• We learned to want less, spend less

• We learned a few valuable lessons regarding our use of the resources of this planet

• Trump lost the election

• A couple of vaccines were approved for use and are being administered to people all over the world.

• We have lived through a year that we feared we wouldn’t survive

• There were a million examples of selfless service and care by people

• We are now hardened campaigners and aren’t fearing 2021

So congratulations to you all for surviving this year.

I sincerely hope that 2021 is better in every way for all of us. (Even the stupid people who think covid is a hoax may be blessed with some sense.)


66 thoughts on “A Happy New Year Everyone!

  1. Happy New Year. Unfortunately some people have forgotten which side of the door to be on to get sense. But alas we shall survive. The most powerful things I saw this year was the generosity to those less fortunate. Even though we were not allowed out, still the giving to others was strong.

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