What do you see # 61 – A Roundup


It is still inside of us all

The joyful innocent child

We may shun it’s naughty instincts

And tamper down its urges to break free

But there comes a time in our lives

When we should open our hearts

And heed our inner child

That wants us to be true

To be brave and to be

Just ourselves


Once again a marvelous turnout in response to this week’s image. My heartfelt gratitude to you all who wrote, read and commented on these posts. Please click on the links to read the contributions to our participants.

Reena; Scratch the surface

Ramya Vivek; Listen to your inner child

Chris Hall; Let me out

Lady Lee Manila; Listen to our inner child

Radhika; Where did I lose her

Tanya; Listen to your inner child

Michael; Bring on Christmas

Cheryl; What Do You see # 61

Susi; A rough start

Regina; Healing my inner child

Ivor; The old child in me

Michnavs; I wonder

Punam; My inner child

Jules; The Damned family

Jeff; Focus

Christine Bialczak; What do you see # 61

Goutam; The child within

Happy Soul; Live the moment

Kittysverses; It’s gotta be you

Usha; What do you see # 61

Fandango; Mrs Harvey

Tanya; Listen to your inner child

Pallavi; What do you see # 61

Irma; Old woman running

I will post next week’s challenge at 12:00 pm, PST, on Monday.





21 thoughts on “What do you see # 61 – A Roundup

  1. I truly believe that children do know right from wrong and are gentle and loving.
    It is just the negative bits that change them and some grow up to be mean adults.
    May we all remain gentle and creative with the help of our inner child 😀

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