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Siblings, options a plenty with this topic.  Are they at war, are they in cahoots, are they social distancing and actually missing each other or are they simply good naturedly bickering as all siblings should.

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I miss you, brother!

There was a time that we were best friends. Now we hardly ever talk to each other. It’s not that we are estranged, it’s just that we both are too busy with our lives.

I hope you’d call!

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37 thoughts on “42 Words- Siblings

  1. I miss your dumb crook jokes; laughed ’til I cried at most of them; our times on the shooting range; you singing “Proud Mary” as Elmer Fudd at mom’s. Your laugh was infectious; and you are sorely missed every single day little brother.

    (Officer Stephen C. Hoke
    Former Clearwater PD)

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  2. Family is a tough nut to figure. I almost disowned one, but we are in a better place now. The one I used to talk to doesn’t even send holiday cards anymore… Age, birth order, time, distance. All play a roll. One can only do so much. Your post reminds me of the song of the parent and child of ‘The Cats in the Cradle’… by Harry Chapin.

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          1. Sometimes with half siblings and not growing up together the bonds weren’t all that strong to begin with. Yes it is sad. But we have to give our attentions to those who will respond.

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  3. My sister has been on my mind a lot these last couple of days… she fell and broke her shoulder badly and had to have a joint replacement. She is now home from the hospital and resting better. I hope you and your brother can reconnect soon.

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