Sunday Poser # 8

Welcome to week 8 of this prompt! This is the last question for 2020!

Today my question is ;

What are the things you would like to see changed in 2021?

You can take this in a personal sense and share what is that you plans to change in your own self, it could be regarding health, work-wise or maybe in your blogging. Or you can talk about changes in the world around you!

For me personally, I would definitely want to see a change in how we are treating our planet. The covid-19 has driven home the fact that we cannot, should not carry on like we are doing till now. We need to be more aware of the damage done by our thoughtless behavior and rectify it.

Moreover, I would like to see unity and brotherhood reawakened. The divisions created by Trump and his like-minded cronies has to end. It’s high time we realize one simple fact. We are all the same under the color of our skin. More binds us than divides us.

I would love to see kindness be more in vogue and selfishness banned to the corner.

And needless to say that like everyone else, I would love to see the danger Covid-19 posed to the human race retreat and diminish by the administration of the anti-virus vaccine to most people.

What are your wishes for the coming year?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or in a post of your own. Do link it to my post so that I can find your post.

Thanks for reading!



38 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 8

  1. Absolutely! I share your wish/prayers for 2021. The decimation of this good earth and the need to make drastic change is top of my list as well. After all, if we destroy the planet then all hope is lost. I know there are millions more that share your vision, Sadje.

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      1. I am praying it will not come to that. I think there are many people of intelligence and goodwill who will fight against those who would condone anything that causes the earth eternal damage.


  2. I hope the vaccine is rolled out everywhere to everyone who wants it, I hope we get a new manager to the GP surgery who knows how to manage an office properly so that people who need medical help can get it locally, and I would also like to see more kindness and consideration between us all.
    Good post.
    (you may not have noticed Sadje but you have shown 2012 instead of 2021)

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  3. I share your wishes for the world, Sadje.
    On a personal note, I’d like to change my fitness level and my sleeping time. The sleep is partially out of my control because of Ben, but the fitness is not. I’ve found a good time slot for consistency and plan to begin when Ben’s school break is over.

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  4. 1) to not feel so restricted from enjoying life as we’d like to
    2) politics – becoming more genuine and humane
    3) the people – same as above ^^^ and they become more informed and engaged

    I do sincerely hope that all the things you mentioned happen as well, Sadje! 🙂

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  5. What a great list! Unity, brotherhood, respect for our planet, healing. There is very little else one could wish for 🙂 Perhaps this little shake-up due to Covid is what we need to take a look around and see what is really important.

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  6. Wow. I have so many. The most important of which, you also write about. That is, to see more unity throughout the world, and to see people who are causing such discord and violence be removed from their positions of power. I look forward to more change and more equity in this country. It is desperately needed. Thank you for the question, Sadje. Have a great week. 🙏

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  7. I feel all your wishes for the New Year are good ones. I am trying to improve a little on myself, No resolutions about dieting, just trying to eat healthier and move more. The weight should come off if I do that, and if it doesn’t that is ok I will be improving my life still,

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