42 Words- Apocalyptic

Deb Whitman is the host of 42 Words

So this week’s theme is the awe inspiring…


So good old google states that the definition of APOCALYPTIC is

  • describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world
  • momentous or catastrophic
  • of or resembling the biblical Apocalypse


It was a total disaster.

Nothing could save them now.

Jollie tried to calm her wildly beating heart and shaking hands.

Thick black smoke was obscuring her sight and the stench was enough to make her gag.

The dinner was burned, and the guests were due any moment.

It was an apocalypse!

42 Words




20 thoughts on “42 Words- Apocalyptic

  1. Ha! That was fun, Sadje. Like most folks, I am always concerned about something like that happening. I was actually walking up to my apartment today when I heard what sounded like a smoke detector going off. Even though I know I had the stove on low, I started to run. Funny.😂😂 Of course, it was not my place.

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