Weekend Q and A – Game 3

Rory is the host of Weekend Quickie

Why do they say “It’s not rocket science?’

I have my own question;

Who are they?????

Well whoever they are, they are stuck in the past. It is way more advance and complicated than rocket science. Just try teaching a sixty or seventy years old how to use the gadgets for the first time! You will need far more knowledge than mere rocket science.

Do you feel that everyone has an artist in them?

Yes, definitely! Everyone has their special talent. Even if the talent is just drawing straight lines without a ruler or making a perfect circle without a compass. Not everyone has the unique, outstanding talent that would rise them above the ordinary, but we all have our special gifts.

Do you prefer writing during the day or the evening?

I prefer writing my posts for the next day, just before going to bed. It is the most relaxed time of the day for me. All my chores for the day are done and my mind is free to think creatively.

Do you hoard clutter or constantly de-clutter?

I am a de-clutter-er!

I like to simplify things, sort them out and preferably give away the stuff that is not being used by me or anyone else in the home. It is a wonderful feeling to be free of unused or unwanted stuff.

Are you a confident person?

With time and effort, I have found my confidence. It was always there and I could glimpse it from time to time but it finally became my real persona in recent years.

What is a hobby you wish you had more time to enjoy?


I love reading books. But right now I read less as I follow a lot of blogs and find time slipping away from me as I read and comment on the blogs. But I have reduced the number of daily posts and now I am able to finish at least a book in a week.

Thank you Rory for these interesting questions.



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