5 Things- Guilty pleasure foods

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

This week Tanya asks us;

What are your 5 guilty pleasure foods;

• Chocolate;

I don’t count chocolate solely as a guilty pleasure because it has a lot of healthy benefits. But since it is so yummy, one does feel guilty after eating a whole bar of “Intense Orange” by Lindt.

• Carbs;

While carbohydrates may not be a guilty pleasure for most people, for people with pre-diabetes or diabetes, having too many Carbs is not recommended. So whenever I have carby foods like nan bread, samosa or croissant I have twinges of a guilty conscience.

• French fries;

Fried potatoes, smothered in garlic mayo or sprinkled with garam masala make the ultimate guilty snack as it is mostly devoid of any good nutrients. But it is so yummy.

• Brownies with whipped cream and ice cream;

This is a decadent dessert that I love but indulge in very rarely as it is so calorie-rich that it can be equal to a whole day’s worth of calories. But it’s soooooo good.

• Pakoras;

I love pakoras. Pieces of vegetables dipped in the batter of garbanzo bean flour and deep-fried. These are served with mint yogurt sauce. They can be made with potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, or spinach.



54 thoughts on “5 Things- Guilty pleasure foods

  1. I made pakoras last night but used broccoli………love them! Even my husband will eat them if I don’t tell how they are made. I also eat fries with mayo. I use jerk seasoning in mine though to dip the fries into. now I am off to fix some food since you made me so hungry!

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  2. my stomach/eyes were drawn to this post … I love all of these with the exception of the brownie! I’d forego it and the cream for a straight ice cream! That is one of my fav chocos; chips yum; that nan has something special in it, I’m drooling and pakoras!

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      1. geez fortunately I don’t have diabetes and after volunteering on a renal unit I pray that you take very good care of yourself!

        But could explain why I don’t lose any weight 🙂 But then I don’t indulge my bad habits very often either 🙂


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