Sunday Poser # 6

Welcome to week 7 of this new series.

The question this week is do you or do you not make new year’s resolutions?

New year’s resolutions!

They sure are a subject done to death. It is with nostalgia that I remember when I was growing up that every year on the 1st of January, I would solemnly promise myself that I would try to achieve certain goals that year. What happened to those goals was a very familiar story. By the next December, they were all or mostly unfulfilled.

Now I don’t make new year’s resolutions. I plan forward and give myself achievable targets, like short term goals. No resolutions to lose 50 pounds by the year-end, but rather to eat healthily and walk more. Achievable targets are more feasible and usually put less pressure on the person.

What do you do regarding new year’s resolutions?

Please do share your thoughts!




40 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 6

  1. #50WordsMiniTalesChallenge

    I always made resolutions,but never had the resolve to see them through.
    This year,I’d resolved to spend more time working on self,but had gone back to my routine.
    Lockdown happened.
    Having more time on my hands,I discovered my passion for writing,thus ending my long running feud with New year resolutions.😀

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  2. I haven’t made “resolution” at new year’s for at least 30 years. I’d forget them, or just ignore whatever resolution I had made so what exactly was the point? Now, NY is just another day to forget what year it is on my checks for six
    I do make decisions about my weight..or A1C..or medications/exercize…and I follow through on them.

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  3. I may have made some in my much, much younger days, but I gave up on resolutions. Now I spend New Years trying to keep Zeus calm when people are setting off firecrackers. They scare him, so he barks… at midnight ☹ I just want to sleep because Daughter always works so I’ve got Ben Duty.

    IMO, New Year’s Resolutions are too much pressure and bad for one’s mental health, because very few are actually kept. Then people feel like failures. Your idea of small, achievable things is much better.✨💞

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    1. You’re right the NY Resolutions are too much stress. Setting off fireworks on NY night or any other is just not fair on pets. It must be quite frustrating for you.
      Thanks Angie for sharing your thoughts

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  4. Love this topic. I too at one time set New Year’s resolutions. Until I realized that every day is a day to set new goals. Today, I prefer a long term vision, for personal and professional, with, as you write about, short-term goals, which then, for me, are also tied to daily activities. Nice post, Sadje.

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  5. I tend not to make them… they are usually too hard to keep and then I get mad or disappointed with myself. It is better I just hope for a good year. And after the year 2020 has been 2021 has to be better!

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