Share Your World- December 7th, 2020

Melanie is the host of SYW


Do you enjoy skiing or ice skating or if it’s warm where you are, hiking or enjoying outdoor sports? 

No, I am not into winter sports, skating, or skiing. I used to play cricket in school and college but an injury to my knee at the age of 19, stopped any participation in games. I go for long walks but in the area, I live in. Haven’t taken the risk of falling while hiking!

Do you give to charities or homeless that you might encounter, during this time of year, more than you do otherwise? 

As a family, we give to charities all through the year and especially at Eid which is our religious festival after the month of Ramadan ( Fasting month). It is mandatory for all Muslims who can afford to give a small percentage of their annual savings in charity to deserving families and people. It is called Zakat.

What is the most enjoyable activity you engage in during December?  Is it a tradition for you and your family? 

Since we don’t celebrate Christmas, the other good thing about December is the winter break. Just like the rest of the world, the last ten days of December are off from school and we usually would make a vacation plan to visit another city and have a nice time. It’s not exactly a tradition but a sometimes activity.

What changes will C-19 bring to your festive celebrations this year?  

Like everything else, we have put all plans on hold. Waiting for things to settle down before we make any plans.

23250652-christmas-holly-bannerGRATITUDE SECTION;

 (Optional of course): Please share a goodwill wish for the world!

I do wish that people realize the gravity of this disease and take it seriously. Take all precautions that they can and stay safe at home. There will be more holidays, more occasions to celebrate. Concentrate on staying alive for now.

Thank you Melanie for these questions.



26 thoughts on “Share Your World- December 7th, 2020

  1. “There will be more holidays, more occasions to celebrate. Concentrate on staying alive for now.”…i love this Sadje..really hope people would take it seriously and stay alive..yes stay alive..

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  2. Thanks Sadje for Sharing Your World! I tried to choose some questions that would include all readers, not just the Christmas crowd and I’ll continue to try to remember Christmas isn’t in everyone’s scheme of things! I’m glad you had some fun traditions and I’d heard of Ramadan before, from some people I used to know. I hope you enjoy your traditions! I agree that more vigilance towards being safe against C-19 is sorely needed right now. At a local store this morning I encountered a man who was walking around with no mask. I admit it really irritated me and I wasn’t mute on his choice. He didn’t even look around, so I suspect a lot of people were saying rather nasty things to him about it. I don’t know how he was still in the store either, as they have very large and prominently displayed “MASKS REQUIRED” signs at all the entrances. Have a very cheerful week coming up!

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    1. Thanks Melanie! I think whatever religion people follow, December is special. More so as it’s the last month of the year and the last chance to achieve whatever goals we had laid out for ourselves.
      Masking is still an issue in lots of places even now. People enter the stores with masks on and then either take them off or pull them down. Very irresponsible thing to do.

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  3. Appreciate you sharing, Sadje. Thank you. I too agree about being vigilant this winter. I was going to go to the coast for a couple of days, yet, alas, not at this time. Next year. Have a great weekend.🙏

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