Reena’s Exploration Challenge- Hands

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Our theme for this week is HANDS.

Look closely at the pictures above. Choose one or more, and think what are they doing together. Will they remain entwined or go their own way? Was their act or intent good or evil? Could they do whatever they planned to do together, or fell apart?

I think this is more than enough for a story or poem or essay or article to spring out of your fertile minds. I have sowed a seed.

So, go ahead and do what you always do – Write.


Hands meet in friendship

As a sign of camaraderie

A bond unbroken, lasting a lifetime


Hands raised in prayer, asking

Palms wide open extended to

Receive the blessings from above, faith unshakable


Hand touching in exploration

Tactile and sensory discovery

Making new bonds, man and machine progressing ahead


Hand holding hand, in love

Sharing vows of fidelity and trust

May they remain joined all life in harmony




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