Living out best lives- Fear

Wendi of Simply chronically ill has asked this question on her blog.

I am answering it here in this post;

Fear, just typing out this word makes me feel anxious. It is an emotion that I struggle with on a continuous basis. 

I am sure there are many of you who live with a chronic illness 24/7 who are also in the same boat, and it is not a cruise or a party boat. Instead, it is one that you fear may sink, capsize, or may not make it to your preferred destination. 

So my question for you today is, IF you experience fear, how do you handle this emotion?


Fear is a thief

Fear can rob your life of all joys, all tomorrows

Fear is a thug

It can make what’s pleasant unpleasant and dreaded

Fear is gloom

It cast a shadow on your happy moments and pleasures

Fear is real

What will tomorrow bring, what problems, what difficulties

You are bigger than your fear

You will overcome this thief

You will overpower this thug

And though it is a gloomy shadow

You will be able to break its spell with your courage



32 thoughts on “Living out best lives- Fear

  1. I have always hated being afraid and have big reactions to it – I usually get pretty angry because I dislike it so intensely. That usually happens when somebody scares me for their own amusement. My younger sister used to love scaring me. These days it happens very seldom. I still dislike being afraid. But, there was something I once read that helped me tremendously it was “feel the fear and do it anyway”. I try to live by that so that fear does not cripple me as it once did.

    great post, Sadje.

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  2. Fear is something we all feel. Phobias are different and just as real and valid.

    I used to be afraid of so many “what if”s. Like your poem, I learned to overcome fear and not much scares me anymore.
    My Older Daughter has two phobias. Driving and spiders. She has difficulty even being in a car, but knows she must. She usually looks at her phone or in her lap while in the car.
    Spiders she has me kill if I can’t relocate as she watches. She has to be SURE it’s gone.
    I feel bad for people who suffer from phobias.

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