What do you see # 58 – A Roundup


Simple pleasures

Little troubles and joys

I do wish that they live in a utopia, ever

Where simple joys never fade

Where troubles never grow

Reality doesn’t spoils

Their view of life

Of innocence


My heartfelt thanks to all these fantastic writers and poets for sharing what they saw in this week’s image. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

Chris Hall; Sisters

Punam; Sisters

Reena; A-Changing

Sangeetha; Little feet

Ramya Vivek; friends for life

Michael; An afternoon at the pool

Susi ; Let’s go

Di; Take my hand

Sara; Bonded

Jules; The Damned family

Tanya; Wishful thinking

Carol; What do you see

Eugenia; A blendship

Jeff; Hand in hand

Jude; Instincts of harmony

Jenanita; What do you see # 58

Goutam; Comfort in contrast

Punam; Ode to friendship

Radhika; Slow Poison

Happy Soul; You and me

Fandango; Cousins

Michnavs; Colors and beyond

CSNelson; Forever friends

Usha; What do you see # 58

An important note;

This week I did not reblog any but the very first response. I think most readers would have been relieved at not seeing too many posts from me. I hope it is alright with you all. This roundup post has all the links and you can read them at your leisure.

Thanks again to all those e we ho wrote, read, shared and commented on this week’s prompt.

I will be posting next week’s challenge at 12:00 pm on Monday afternoon.




30 thoughts on “What do you see # 58 – A Roundup

  1. Hello Sadje! I’ve been MIA but hoping to get back on board this week. So many wonderful responses to this past week’s prompt. I loved your take on it as well – reality so often spoils the innocence of children 😢.

    Liked by 1 person

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