Blogging Insights- Support from family and friends?

Tanya you the host of this series


How supportive are your family(or friends) of your blog? 

When I started my blog, I told all my friends and family about it. They were pleased that I am doing something with all my free time. Some didn’t take it seriously as I hadn’t exhibited any desire or talent for writing before this. But the fact is that they give me my space and time for blogging.

Do they do anything to help with your blogging efforts? 

None from my family. I had help from a very dear friend in setting up my blog, selecting the theme, and setting the menu. She had started her own blog a few months before I did, and had more expertise in setting up the site on WordPress. She is always there when I have queries about any technical issues. If it weren’t for her help and encouragement, I think I would not be blogging right now.

Do they read your work and offer a critique, if so, how do you react to it?

If I show what have written to my husband, he reads it and gives me pointers on how to improve it. I take his critique with a pinch of salt!

But no one in my family follows my blog or reads the published posts. There may be some real life friends who follow my blog page on Facebook who might be reading my posts but I haven’t gotten any feedback from them.

My source of encouragement comes from the blogging community which has become my online family too. They are always supportive and encouraging regarding my efforts. When someone points out my typo, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, I am grateful to them and fix my mistakes before other can see them. I think a post which has errors in it, just takes all joy out of reading it.

Thank you so much Tanya for these questions.



43 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Support from family and friends?

  1. It’s funny, isn’t it that our nearest family members barely ever read our blog posts, but lots of online ‘friends’ do. Most of my family know about my blog, but only my daughters will read if I point one out to them. They do send photos for me to share once in awhile, though. 🙂

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  2. My daughters know about my blog, they even know generally what I write about, including them. They are okay with me writing about them, but they don’t read it.

    Older has called my blog “cute” like I’m pretending to be a writer or something.🤷🏼‍♀️ I dont think she meant it to be rude or patronizing, she just doesnt think it’s important.
    I agree with you on the awesome support in the community! Awesome people here in the blogosphere!🤗🥰💕✨

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  3. I’m just the same! Some of my friends back in the UK will read posts via FB occasionally, but the true support is our blogging family, which is very special. Just looking at the previous comments tells us that. Big smile 🙂

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  4. Pretty much the same. I’ve been written, about ten years now. At first, I just showed those around me. They all enjoy reading, and couldn’t wait for the next. They kept bugging me for years, write a book, greeting cards… Kept telling them, it wasn’t the right time. I’ve been on WordPress, three years now. All those who kept bugging, were all told. I even made up cards, with the website; handed out probably 30. To this day, not one person has said anything. Some of them, I see on a daily basis. Why, I’m very determined; although well intended, do let anyone take you into something, your heart isn’t ready for. P.S. my wife does read, critique, and gives me input on the picture design! Blessings!

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    1. I think the people here get us better than those friends in real life! Besides it’s also a trade in. We read their posts and they read ours!
      Thanks Warren for sharing your thoughts.

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  5. I feel the same. I thought it would bother me…the fact that I have to ask friends and family to read it (half the time I don’t know if I believe that they even read it) But it doesn’t. Every like and follow I have is (hopefully) from legitimate readers and supporters. I take pride in the that and in the fact that I did it all myself. And you should too 👏

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    1. I’m story that you’re not getting support from the community here. It is a give and take. You should read and comment on the posts of other bloggers and they will reciprocate. It does take a while to get established and get a following of people who read and comment on your posts.


  6. Its interesting that I’ve ce across your blog just by thinking this very same thing. The way I see it people who are closest to you don’t always support you. Its not until you’ve gotten to a point “let’s say you make it big” that all of a sudden they want to know how u did and show some type of interest. That’s the sad state of affairs. Its good you have your husband and that dear friend to help you.

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    1. I don’t think it’s exactly not supporting. I think it’s more of letting us do our own think. Yes if we do suddenly make it big, they’d definitely want to know how we did it. I am lucky to have the support of my husband and friends.

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