5 Things- Exotic Fruits

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5 Exotic fruits that I like;

My list is not that exotic. I haven’t that adventurous gene which some people have. They travel to exotic locations and try the local delicacies. I am going with the fruits that I love and can be considered exotic by some standards;

• Mangoes;

In my country, we pride ourselves that our mangoes are the best in the world. They come in many varieties and are available for all of the summer season. I love that the different varieties of mango all have their distinct flavor, ranging from very sweet to slightly tangy and some are meaty and others are more fibrous.

• Kinnow;

This is a hybrid fruit and carries the goodness of oranges and tanginess of more sour citrus, nanrangi. It is a wonderfully flavored juicy citrus that lasts us all winter and well into spring.

• Coconut;

Fresh coconut is a treat to eat. There is a lot of hype about coconut water but I like the fruit better, myself. It makes marvelous smoothies and Pinacolada!

• Papaya;

Another fruit common in the tropical region. It has a smooth flavor and a very nice taste. It really tastes very nice on its own but also is great with a combination of other tropical fruits like mangoes.

• Pomegranate;

We get pomegranate at the start of winters. I like the red ones better than the very sweet white variety. It makes a very nutritious juice too.



28 thoughts on “5 Things- Exotic Fruits

    1. I must look into this pin. We don’t do that here, just take a fork or a spoon and dig in. I’ve discovered a very easy way to take out the seeds from the husk. Just invert one half of the fruit over a bowl and beat the skin side with a spoon or knife handle. All the seeds will fall into the bowl.

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  1. Pomegranates are a little too tangy and too much work for me. I’ve not seen white ones.
    I forgot to look to see if we get kinnows here, but mangos, papaya and coconut are all available and yummy. I’ve noticed a lot of unripe pineapples lately too. I love fresh pineapple.

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  2. I got a pomegranate now and then as a child or teen for Christmas time. They’re considered ‘exotic’ fruits here, but are readily available all the same. I always got too frustrated at the ‘one pip at a time’ because the flavor was great, but the painstaking process to get a mouthful was a trial! I’ll have to buy one or two NOW and try Sadje’s invert it over a bowl method. I suspect I’ll enjoy them more that way! Thanks for the nifty clue Sadje!

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