Share Your World- 30 November 2020

Melanie is the host of Share Your World


What would you enjoy if you could do so without someone getting annoyed with you for enjoying it?  It MUST be something you aren’t supposed to enjoy because it is “bad for you”.

Playing loud music of my choice without everyone telling me to tone it down or put something else on. I do it but when I am alone.

Is it okay for men to wear the color pink?

Yes, why not?

If women wear blue, grey, brown and black why can’t men wear pink, red or purple!

Can you curl your tongue? 


Have tried though!

What, in your opinion, is the best room to put a fireplace?

The family room.

Don’t put it in a bedroom as the fire eats up the oxygen and leaves the room deprived of it. A family room is usually full of passage and has many doors so it is safer to put a fireplace there.


gratitude Di

(This meme is borrowed from Di.  She used it recently on one of her posts and I found it to be very apt).

How do you show your gratitude?

There are two ways to show gratitude;

• Be thankful and enjoy the blessings.

• Pay it forward and do something nice for someone else.

I like doing both. Be mindful of all that you’ve been blessed with and try to make life a bit joyful and easy for someone else too.



31 thoughts on “Share Your World- 30 November 2020

  1. I’d still like a fireplace in my bedroom. I have to have the window open, even when it’s freezing cold for fresh air. It’s a thing with me… have to have fresh air, so in MY bedroom, a fireplace would be okay😉

    I agree with your Gratitude answer. I incorporate the same principles in my own life.🤗🥰💕

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  2. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! Wonderful answers! You and another blogger (Crunchity Frog) shared the love of loud music! LOL. I once enjoyed that too, but apparently have reached some ‘old age’ boundary and these days moderate is more my speed (although sometimes in the car, the radio is blasting!) Heh. Thanks again, and your gratitude answer was awesome!

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  3. My dream home will have a fireplace. And listening to some music loud is a guilty pleasure I don’t do as often as I used to, but it is a must when “Bohemian Rhapsody” comes on! Good answers Sadje!

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