What do you see # 57 – A Roundup


I am sharing the same poem that I posted on my birthday. I think this depicts my true feelings about my birthday.

I am 59 today

Am I older and wiser than I was yesterday?

Or maybe I will be next year on my sixtieth birthday, the big one?

I always feel excited on my birthday, though I am not a child anymore

I think that this excitement comes from the realization

That I am still alive, still able to enjoy my life

That whatever life throws at me, I will eventually cope

I am grateful to be able to live till I am no longer

I should make the best of my today and tomorrows

For I don’t know how many have been granted to me


I wish to express my gratitude to my dear fellow bloggers who send beautiful birthday wishes along with some really lovely poems. A wonderful week of contributions. Please click on the links to read their posts.

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I will be posting next week’s challenge at 12:00 Monday afternoon.




26 thoughts on “What do you see # 57 – A Roundup

  1. I always thought that birthdays should be special somehow. But not all think that ~ My hubby’s family included in that only the younger children should get gifts. Kind of sad. I did get to go out to dinner. And while I got a few cards from one of my family members the only gifts I received were kind comments on my blog writings – and those folks didn’t even know when my birthday was.

    I am however glad to be where I am now. When I was younger I put in my time for jobs and volunteering. I’ve slowed down quite a bit and am enjoying using my time as I like. 😀

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      1. It has been a bit different, my ‘free’ time – as my hubby’s been home for most of Covid, and may be for a good part after the start of the new year as well. I still have some obligations, but I make time to write every day!

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  2. My One Wish!

    Another year has come, another year has gone! You might be one year older, but at the very same time; “you have become another year wiser!” When you are young, you wish for the years to go, by a little faster. But as you get older, your wish is that the years would not go by so fast! So you start to ponder, but not before you start to wonder? If you’ve truly learned, how to put one foot in front of the other, and take life one step at a time! That will be the very moment, when you have truly learned; “how to live your life, one day at a time!”

    I am who I am, and that’s all that I am; “so therefore I just want to offer you some well wishes… tonight!” So, go to the wishing well, and I wish that you just may! Yes I absolutely wish that you just might, oh wish with all of your might tonight! For I want you to get your wish, yes even if it’s just that one wish for you tonight! So I hope that I have shown, that I truly only have one wish for you tonight! My one wish for you; “your candle burns brighter than ever, but; not just for one night!” For, that’s the perfect gift. So, that’s my one wish for you tonight, and then every single night… to come!” I wrote this a few years ago, Happy belated Birthday!

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