Sunday Writing Prompt – 30th November – Contest.

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

“It was a contest like no other.”

This week, write about a contest that was like no other. Was it challenging, too easy, unexpected?

Take up the challenge, have fun, and leave a link to your response in the comments below.


It was a contest like no other, it was a contest to see who was the best. The two lads, fast friends since childhood were now pitted against each other.

James was the intelligent one and Bill was the one who worked harder. They both achieved good grades and often studied together for the exams. Now their teacher had decided that only one of them would be recommended for the merit scholarship given by the school to their best student.

On the day the final exam was to be conducted, James made a resolve. When the result was announced, Bill had scored higher than James. James was very happy for his friend. His parents could afford to bear the expenses of his education, while Bill’s father couldn’t. And that’s why, though it was a competition, it wasn’t like any other. James had deliberately not performed as well as he could.

Now both friends are in the same university.




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