Friday Fun – Downpour

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

a downpour can be refreshing, cleansing the air, giving life to plants and livestock

or it can be a devastating avalanche of emotional mess …

as this unusual year comes to a close please get creative
about what
 downpour’ means to you?

post it on your blog then link it back here and check out others creations!


There was a streak of lightning in the darkened sky

The forks illuminated the gray thunder clouds

Then there was a loud crash deafening and unsettling

And a downpour started

A deluge that soaked everything in its way

The water that came from the heavens nourished some

And some were swept away under its forceful flow

What nurtures can also destroy, that’s the way of nature

We need the understanding to truly fathom this phenomenon

There are no unplanned or undue actions in the larger scheme

Everything happens for a reason and because of a reason




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