To reblog or not to reblog, that is the question!

I have been running my prompt;

For a little more than a year now.

I reblog the first response when I first see it and then share the rest of the responses in batches of three each daily. These shares add to my number of daily posts.

As I have decided to reduce the number of my daily posts from 4-5 to 3-4, I want to know the opinion of my readers about the reblog and sharing of the responses.

Should I keep on sharing these posts daily or is the final roundup post on Sunday enough?

( As one very wise blogger said that only the bloggers whose post is being shared is happy about the reblog! )

Another change I’ve made, albeit reluctantly is that I have stopped doing the 4-5 daily prompts that used to do.

All this is to reduce the burden these frequent posts put on my readers. Lately, I have noticed a drop in the number of comments by my readers on my numerous posts and that is very understandable. I don’t have enough time to read all by all the bloggers that I follow so it is but natural that others are having the same issue of time management.

I would be really grateful if you all can give me your feedback in the comments.




35 thoughts on “To reblog or not to reblog, that is the question!

  1. I’ve cut WAY back on the number of posts I publish. I usually publish one, maybe two new ones per day (often photographs) and one that was published earlier in the week and I think needs another day to run. None of us have time to read all the people we follow. I try to get to everyone in the course of a day or two, but I don’t even succeed at that most of them time. So a lot of these extra posts by you and everyone else, I don’t have a choice but to delete them. I get dozens of emails daily just from the blog and dozens more from political groups, news groups, and sometimes, actual friends! I do find it frustrating sometimes that in the course of trying to get to everyone, I feel like I don’t have time to write anything. All my time is taken up with reading other people’s stuff and I’ve begun to feel I need more time to just hang out and “be me.”

    I suppose this is a very circular answer to your question, but I think the roundup is plenty! Also, when you publish less. it’s easier to keep track of what you’ve published, to reblog (or just republish) piece that seem to have not gotten a response and you feel deserve more attention. Oddly enough, this is working out better for me. I’m getting better stats.

    As for fewer comments: I rarely get a lot of comments on ANYTHING anymore, no matter how many people read it. I’m not sure why that is. I know that I’ve been having trouble getting my comments to connect and not have WordPress crash — that may be one of the problems. But I think this has been a really trying year. People are tired. And, I think, a bit listless.

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    1. Thanks a lot Marilyn for your detailed comment. I agree with what you’ve said and this was my own observations too. Time is in short supply for everyone.


  2. i would love a roundup, as marilyn said, i try to get to others’ posts as best i can, and it varies from day to day, but hard to do multiples at times, and i know that people enjoy your posts, so in my opinion, i’d suggest a roundup, but you have to do what feels right for you –

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  3. Well, this is a bit of quandary for me. As someone who struggles daily with the many hundreds of notifications that I get for not only new blog posts but also all the other prompts that someone has done something or other on my blog, I find it hugely overwhelming. At the same time, I hesitate at telling another writer what they should do with their own blog. You should do what’s good for you, and your followers can do what’s good for them…

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  4. When I did my prompt last year, I only did the roundup because I never wanted to go over 3 posts per day. Also, for the prompts/challenges I participate in now, I also don’t read the reblogs, just the roundup.

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