Tale Weaver – #303 – Confusion – November 26th

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

The prompt;

This week consider the notion of ‘confusion’.

What does it mean to you?

It’s not hard to be confused about any number of things.


Confusion seems to be a constant in my life these days. A bit more to do than usual and I am confused. It could be a result of overthinking simple things or maybe because I feel overwhelmed.

I have learned a few tricks to calm the turbulence in my mind;

Break the task at hand into smaller tasks;

This makes things simple and easy to execute. It also has the beneficial effect of making the job at hand appear smaller.

Take a break and do something else for a while;

Again this method quietens the mind and eases the confusion by removing the stress of getting things done now and getting them done perfectly.

If the confusion is overwhelming, postpone the chore for another day;

This is usually my last choice but when the need arises, I have come to accept my limitations and put that task to do another day.

Confusion can be a result of overloading our minds with too much information. We can handle this if we give ourselves some breathing room.

What makes you confused?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.



16 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #303 – Confusion – November 26th

  1. These are really practical ways Sadje…especially the first one…we tend to want to accomplish bigger and greater tasks and we indeed up accomplishing nothing all…so yeah you are right, break it down.

    Liked by 1 person

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