Rory Asks; Predictable or spontaneous?

A new set of questions from Rory;

Are you naturally a predictable or a spontaneous person?

I think I am both. I am predictably spontaneous. I will do things on spur of the moment, as everyone who knows me can predict.

Has the arrival of the pandemic made you want to become more predictable or more spontaneous?

Pandemic hasn’t changed me much. I will do things my usual way and not worry about the consequences. I have however become more careful about mine and the health of others.

If you are wanting to become less predictable and more spontaneous or adventurerous what would you introduce to your life and environment to make that happen?

Now, this is a tough one. If I wanted to become more spontaneous or adventurous, I think I would take up activities that I don’t do now. Like traveling more, going for nature walks, and explore new authors.

What do you not do, but you really want to but have never had the opportunity to do so?

I think I’ve done most things that I wanted to do in my life. I’ve tried stuff that was challenging at least once. And at this stage of my life, I should do things I am comfortable with and not just because I see someone else doing them.




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