5 Things for Tuesday- Happy Thanksgiving.

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I want to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.

5 Reasons to be grateful for;

1. My family;

All my children are in the same city after five years. This is a special cause for gratitude for us all. All three of my grandkids are getting to know each other better and my three kids are renewing their relationship with each other.

2. Great friends;

I need to give thanks for my amazing friends. Both real-life and blogosphere friends are marvelous. They are my other family.

3. Health;

It’s a great blessing that we all are safe from the dreaded Covid-19. And I feel that wearing a mask while going out of the house has protected all of us from the common seasonal illnesses like cold and cough.

4. Peace of mind;

Thankfully, my mind is at peace, not only with the world around me but also with myself. I feel that acceptance is the reason for this state of mind. It is true that we cannot socialize with friends and have a lot of restrictions placed on our lifestyle choices, but if we accept them as a call of today’s circumstances and move away from complaining to accepting, we are easier in our mind.

I saw this meme on Jim’s page;

It’s a fun way to see 2020.

5.Changing weather;

I really love when seasons change and I get to rediscover my winter wardrobe once again. Shawls, capes, and sweaters all come back in my current wardrobe. Hot drinks and warm blankets make life cozy again.



35 thoughts on “5 Things for Tuesday- Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Everything you wrote about β€œMy family” warmed my heart, Sadje. Good point on how wearing the mask has helped us from other illnesses. I am good with seasonal changes, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! πŸ™‚

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