Daily Prompts- In the dark

The design motif was repeated almost everywhere

The ornamental hedges were shaped accordingly too

As he walked through the vast gardens, he felt overawed

He wasn’t their equal, with his modest income

Why were they interested in him he wondered

In the evening vapor, he felt lost and trapped

I hope they aren’t vampires or cannibals he thought

The image where they would gobble him up

Like a tender morsel flashed in front of his eyes

“Hi, Mr Brown, where are you lost? Came the voice from the gloom

My father is waiting to introduce you to your pupil

Pupil? He asked hesitantly

Yes weren’t you told that you’d be teaching my younger brother?”

A sigh of relief escaped his lips, now at ease

He was needy but not a doughty person by nature


In response to the following prompts;




Ornamental, Modest, Equal





Word of the day challenge;




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