Blogging Insights- What’s in a name

Tanya is the host of this series


Do you use your own name for blogging?

I don’t use my name for blogging. The name of my blog is keep it alive and I use a pseudonym, Sadje as my moniker.

If you use a pseudonym, what are your reasons for this, and what led you to choose that particular name?

Like a lot of other bloggers, when I started my blog, I was wary of revealing too much about myself on a public forum so I decided to use a name that is somewhat similar to my name, and yet it isn’t my name. This way I have privacy and am free to express my opinions without any fear of repercussions from my friends in the real world. It is quite liberating to be semi-anonymous.

Is there an interesting story behind your User Name?

It was a chance that I ended up with Sadje as my username. It was a typo and I click okay before I saw what I had entered as my username. I then googled Sadje and found out that it is a name in its own right. So that’s how I ended up as Sadje @ Keepitalive!

Thank you Tanya for giving me this opportunity to share my story about my blog name here.



26 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- What’s in a name

  1. I thought, until you revealed in a recent post, that “Sadje” WAS your own name. I like it because it does sound like an actual name, and I’m very glad you did click that button, even if it was not what you originally thought! It’s a pleasure to know you too!

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  2. One of my very few blogger friends who has a pen name here 🙌. I could relate so much to this post Sadje 😊 “Ru” in my blog address was a typo too .. but it happened to be somewhere a part of my real name and I let it be 😊

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