Sunday Writing Prompt – 22nd November – Tormented

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt

This Sunday consider the notion of ‘tormented’.

For you what does it conjure up?

Can it be aspects of your life, either personal or spiritual?

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.


Why do you torment me like this?

“I know you never put on weight whatever you eat but I am not like you and I gain weight even by looking at a nice plate of food. Why then you have to eat these goodies in front of me, knowing very well that I am on a strict diet?”

My younger brother grinned at my pained expression and offered me his plate full of French fries, “here, why don’t you have a few? Maybe you feel less grumpy after you’ve had something nice to eat instead of all the lettuce you’ve been eating. You are not a rabbit you know!”

I turned aside his offer with a scowl. ” You know I want to lose 15 pounds before my birthday, and this will make me lose all the progress I have made till now”

“Come on, a few fries won’t hurt. It’s not like you’re losing weight anyway!”

With this parting shot, he disappeared from the living room, and I was left there marveling at the unfairness of life and the audacity of siblings.

( An almost true account of my teen years. I’ve been plagued with weight issues all my life and my younger brother could eat anything!)



12 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – 22nd November – Tormented

  1. Yes. Totally unfair! My best friend brought two sandwiches, a huge bag of chips, cookies or bought lunch. Skinny. Me: one peanut butter and jelly, an apple. Boom! Bigger hips! On the karma side, she is closer to my size now. Sadly I can’t gloat. True karma would have me be skinny. And I love her and wish for best of health for both of us. 💜

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  2. I can so relate to this. It wasn’t my sister but my ex who could eat anything while I ballooned at the smell of food. I have started to keep track of what I eat on a fitness app and am getting into a pool twice a week to do some mild exercises. I am only down about 5 1/2 pounds but it is a start.

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