Friday Fun – Hiding

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

we all hide things or feel deflated when things are hidden from us

what hidden factors have hurt lately?
Share your creative writing or photos of ‘hidden’ things 
and link it back here


I am glad that certain things are hidden

I don’t want to see it all or know it all

What will the future hold, should stay a mystery

How and what others think of me should be hidden too

I am content and in peace in my now

What anger or envy is festering in someone’s mind

Will only hurt me so I prefer not to know

I accept people at their face values and don’t want to dig deep




20 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Hiding

  1. It’s your Birthday? I hope you enjoyed your day!!

    Too often I can tell when people aren’t telling me the truth, I accept their words and file away my Empathic knowledge. People deserve their privacy.
    We all have our “Public Persona” and it’s usually close to true. It’s the wolf in sheeps clothing we have to watch out for😉

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