Sunday Poser # 3

Week 3 of this new challenge!

We all go through good and bad patches in our lives. Sometimes it’s the good things that have happened that make our lives better and at other times, it’s the challenges that improve our lives.

My question to you my friends is this;

What is one thing that in your view, has made your life better?

I think that though I had a lot of challenges in my early childhood, it was the love of my father that made me into the person I am today. He had confidence in me and made me believe in myself. I think it is a gift that is priceless. As a parent, I strived to do the same for my children. I hope I have succeeded to some extent.

I would love to hear from you about what you believe is that one thing that made your life better.




39 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 3

  1. Yes its such a blessings to have someone to love you parents , friends, siblings whoever it might be.There are many who abandoned in this world.We won’t realize the value of a person one he/ she is with us…
    Even in the hard times, If a person is there to listen and wipes your tears is one of the biggest blessings.

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  2. Wow… tough choice.
    Having my Intrathecal Pain Pump implanted made my physical life better. I am no longer watching clocks to see if I can take a pill. I don’t worry about being able to get the pills… my pain in managed and I don’t think about it. That has made a HUGE improvement in my life!

    There are many other, more difficult times, that have taught me great lessons that have led to my “Zen” and general happiness and being content in life. But I’ll go with the pain pump. Easier to explain.😉

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    1. Improvement in the levels of physical pain has to be up there on the top of the list. When I got my first knee replacement, I felt a changed person.
      As for other challenges in life, I am sure you have acquired the required battle shields which are the result of living through tough times.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Angie.

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  3. My life
    Is so much better
    Because forgiving myself allows me to find
    Gratitude in the rain
    In the storms
    In the lightening
    Hearing the heavens thunder
    And counting out for one one thousand two one thousand
    How far the storm
    Before the wind shakes the trees
    And my bones like
    From my trunk and from
    Inside of me.

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