Daily Prompts & Saturday Symphony – Why?

The amber glow of the single lighted candle

Throws out a luminance that overshadows the moon

Drowning its hubris into nothingness

How, you ask could you hold a candle to the moonlight

When it’s brilliance is far greater than that of a single flame

The answer is very simple my dear I will tell you

The moon is shining on borrowed light

While this candle is burning the flame of true love


Saturday Symphony # 17

This week Jude has asked us;


This week, pick a favorite riddle,

Share with us,

And tell us the answer too.

However, place your answer in the last sentence of your post,

And let your readers know where it is,

So that they can reach the end with an answer of their own.

I have added the following prompts too;





Word of the day challenge;





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