Life is a box of chocolates?

Rory posted a very interesting post a couple of days back where he asked his readers;

• If life is like a box of chocolates how many are in the box?

• What flavors would there be to represent life?

• If you had an everlasting box of chocolate that provided to you your personal choice in chocolates and candies how many would be in that box and what are the flavours?


• If you equate life with a box of chocolates, it would have to be essentially a box from Harry Potter’s world. Where the chocolates can be extremely good as well as thoroughly yucky!

If I look at my own life, I got an equal share of good and not-so-good flavors of chocolates in my box.

There were tragedies in my life as well as things that were excellent too. But I think it is true for most of the people in the world. We have trials and then triumphs too. That is how life works. The element of surprise is the biggest blessing in this whole scenario. If we knew a bad thing is about to befall us, we would probably be half dead with apprehension before it even happened. And if we knew something good is coming out way, the anticipation would be greater than the real thing.

• This mythical box would need to have as many chocolates in it as there would be days in a person’s life. For each day is a different flavor and a different surprise!

• Life in terms of chocolate flavors would go something like this;

(All these flavors are borrowed from the chocolate frogs of Harry Potter world)

Happiness; Dark chocolate with orange flavor

Contentment; Milk chocolate with truffles

Achievement; A whole box of Quality street

Loss; Bitter flavor, like ear-wax

Disappointment; An empty wrapper

Failure; Mud flavor

Fear; Cockroach flavor

• If I had an ever-filling box of chocolates, I would really like them to be all flavors of dark and milk chocolate but they would have to be calorie-free!

This is my view on this very tricky question!



22 thoughts on “Life is a box of chocolates?

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!! You have given this some seriously deep thought Sadje – love it!!

    Reminds me of this scene from Harry Potter

    Terrific answer Sadje, many thanks – currently Lisa and l are working on a new Question game hence this question – so many thanks 🙂

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  2. There used to be a locally owned candy shop here that had some sugar free chocolates and they tasted just as good at the regular one. Ive gotten the ear wax and grass flavored jelly beans before.. nasty but cockroach sounds MUCH worse!

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