Sunday Writing Prompt – 15th November – Coping

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

The prompt;

This week writing about how you cope with the situations you face in life, be they real or fantasy.

These days there seem to be a never-ending series of situations with which we have to cope.

Health, politics, poverty, work, sport…….etc

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.


How do you cope?

This question is one we ask of anyone we see in a difficult situation. The answer is usually, we cope because we have to. When there is no other way out, we make do.

Moms of young kids cope with very little rest and sleep because they have to look after their young ones.

Older people cope with the challenges of old age, like pain, reduced mobility, or other issues related to growing old.

People who are working and earning for a family often cope with tough schedules because they have no other options.

The question should be how well do you cope?

Coping and coping well are different.

One person can barely cope with their challenges and another can cope well. The difference lies in how we view and deal with our issues. If we look at things intending to solve the problem, we can do better in dealing with them. But if we see them as insurmountable mountains, we may deal with them but just barely, without any joy of achievement.

I personally feel that a positive outlook can really change the way we deal with life-issues.



17 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – 15th November – Coping

  1. A positive attitude helps! For me, when it’s something mountain sized, I narrow my focus on the first steps. It helps reduce my stress and I feel satisfaction when I take care of part of the problem. Then I’m ready to go on to the next part.😉

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  2. Yes, a positive outlook and taking the challenge and putting it into manageable sections. Like raking the lawn – so many leaves… but just do one section at a time and soon enough the job is done. Granted that isn’t life shattering. But we can divide and conquer and even ask for help if needed. You made some very good points about coping and coping well. 😀

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  3. I know that is what got me through my cancer treatments… I never questioned my mortality I believed the doctors were going to “fix” me and I stayed positive of that fact, It isn’t always a death sentence.

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