Daily Prompts- Begone

You faitour!

You impostor

I thought you were wonderful

But I found out that you’re just woeful

It was just my wishful thinking that betrayed me

I was unlucky to run into you and thought it karma

That familiar sense of Deja vu was just a warning

I saw friends eye-rolling and thought them jealous

Now I know who you are and our paths are diverging

I won’t touch you with a barge pole no matter who endorsed you

Begone from here

I am glad to be

Rid of you finally

In response to the following prompts;




Unlucky, Superstition, Familiar




Eye rolling

Word of the day challenge;


Tuesday Writing prompt challenge

Today’s prompt: Pick 3 of your favorite words beginning with the letter “W” and use in any form of writing. Boldface or italicize the words so they stand out for readers. Enjoy!!




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