Reena Exploration Challenge – Light – 161

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #161

Welcome back to light!


We celebrate Diwali – the festival of lights in India, while America celebrates a new President. 

Light can mean different things to different people, just like the election results in any country.

James Baldwin says,

 One discovers the light in the darkness, that is what darkness is for; but everything in our lives depends on how we bear the light. It is necessary, while in darkness, to know that there is a light somewhere, to know that in oneself, waiting to be found, there is a light. What the light reveals is danger,  and what it demands is faith. 

I invite you to meditate on light this week, and share your take on the subject.

The piece you generate can be fiction, poetry, essay, art, photographs or anything else that your creativity brings forth.


We see light clearly when in the dark

Ease is felt more after a period of difficulty

Health is more appreciated when we know sickness

Life is valued more when we know the alternative is death

Where would we be if it were light without any darkness

Or we were forever in darkness without a glimmer of light

The presence of anything is as important as is the absence of another

When we see the broader picture, it all becomes clear




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